Melco Equipment & Supply in addition offers you goods from China to the US, Caribbean and any Latin America clients as a different option for business. We can supply the highest quality products at the most competitive prices to your requirements. We accomplished that working as close as possible to reliable factory locations and involving with experienced bilingual associates.

Be aware of frauds and fake corporations in the Asian market. Our long term expertise with many Chinese factories reduces your purchasing risk. 

For Shipping from China, Melco Equipment & Supply has you covered!

Our knowledge of the China market offers you the best export price for your cargo. We handle economical ocean freight tariff to major ports in US, Caribbean and Latin America. Start moving with Melco Equipment & Supply as your best partner Purchase Agent in Asia.

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Melco Equipment & Supply is your connection to China, the cheapest world's top manufactured products
China shipping is important to your business just as it is to the business of the United States and the world. China is now the world's top handler of shipping containers, having surpassed the United States' role in container shipping in 2002.
Did you know that in 2006, China handled 5.6 billion tons of cargo? That's a lot of containers and a lot of goods. For businesses like yours, a lot of complex decisions have to be made. Let Melco Equipment & Supply help you navigate the intricacies of buying from China.